1. Aurora 15:34 (Single)
    Lewis & Clarke

  2. Aurora 15:34 (Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - Remix)
    Lewis & Clarke

  3. Aunts and Uncles (Single)

  4. Maggie
    Cedar Sparks

  5. When A Man Loves an Omen
    Judson Claiborne

  6. Implications in D Major; Adagio For Chamber Strings
    Lou Rogai

  7. Correct
    Laser Background

  8. Trickle Up (Single)

  9. Wild Geese / Highways (Single)

  10. Night Games / Dopamine (Single)

  11. Stormy Dayz / Swimming in the Atlantic (Single)

  12. Absolute Magnitude :::::: 2014 Label Sampler
    Various Artists via La Société Expéditionnaire

  13. Triumvirate
    Lewis & Clarke

  14. El Futuro

  15. The Wreck (Soundtrack)
    Lou Rogai

  16. Order Of The Arrow
    Blessed Feathers

  17. Ex Nihilo
    Martin Bisi

  18. Long Hair
    Joey Sweeney

  19. Super Future Montage
    Laser Background

  20. We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys
    Judson Claiborne

  21. Monster Vision

  22. Neo Pagan Love Song
    Judson Claiborne

  23. Essence
    Mako Sica

  24. Shake The Ghost

  25. Catherine Market
    Jonathan Byerley

  26. Arc In Round
    Arc In Round

  27. Split 7"
    Dragon Turtle & Eric de Jesus

  28. Evryman For Himself
    Daniel Knox

  29. We Were One

  30. Soars

  31. Time and Temperature
    Judson Claiborne

  32. Dual Horizon
    Mako Sica

  33. Almanac
    Dragon Turtle

  34. Split 12"
    Dragon Turtle / Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air

  35. Light Time (EP)
    Lewis & Clarke

  36. Leave Ruin
    Strand Of Oaks

  37. VII Acts Of An Iron King
    Moon & Moon

  38. The Island Moved In The Storm
    Matt Bauer

  39. You're No Dream

  40. Change!
    The Black Swans

  41. Blasts Of Holy Birth
    Lewis & Clarke

  42. Live On WPRB
    Lewis & Clarke

  43. Bare Bones And Branches (US)
    Lewis & Clarke

  44. Split 7"
    Dragon Turtle / Strand of Oaks


La Société Expéditionnaire

We are an independent record label founded in 2006. We are inspired by the spirit of Dischord, Factory Records, Stax Records, and Art Monk Construction. Our focus is on emerging artists, community, and authenticity of process. We cultivate recordings as rough gems, "avoir du cachet"; full of character, pristine, rare...but never precious.

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