You're No Dream

by Soltero


Globetrotter, troubadour, teacher, migrant worker; Soltero's Tim Howard is a man with many a feather in his cap. This is lovelorn folk-pop at its finest moment: desperate and romantic. Love is declared, sold down the river, and stolen from the hand of God through the course of twelve songs.

"Bursting with intimacy and mystery"
-Boston Globe

"The Soltero sound doesn’t waver and continues to deliver what it always has, intelligently-crafted music with folk roots and a quirky twist.... Howard crafts tunes from sparse, broken heart ballads fit for a poorly-lit bar to lively, well-layered tunes that border on pop"
-Delusions of Adequacy

*released in France through Messie Murders


released May 20, 2008



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